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The time for action has arrived! AB 775 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Health. The SCOH meets Wednesdays at 1:30 pm in Room 4203 of the Capitol. Our bill is now scheduled to be reviewed on June 24th.

For those of you who just joined "the loop" on how this works, here are the basics. This is the time when we lobby lobby lobby:

  1. Stick to the Talking Points. (Talking Points unite us as ONE VOICE which is crucial if we are to make a focused, organized effort to defeat the bill.)
  2. Pregnancy centers and clinics need to contact the Senators (only the Senators on the SCOH!) with statements of opposition, and need to ask their supporters to do the same. This can be done by fax, by email, by phone call, by postal mail and by office visits. Office visits can be made at the Capitol or at the district office. 
  3. Use the Talking Points on the home page of the Stop AB 775 websitewww.StopAB775Now.com
  4. Make preparations to travel to the Capitol to attend the SCOH hearing, if at all possible. As soon as we find out the date, we will let you know. Plan as though it will be this coming Wednesday, the 10th of June.
  5. Remember, large quantities of voters speaking out against a bill make a huge difference. While it may not keep the bill from passing into law, it gets our message "out there" and builds our reputation with legislators and public. Your collective voices become one voice at the Capitol and prepare our message for the court system if the bill passes into law.
  • Email is viewed as representing one person, because it's easy to do.
  • Phone calls are viewed as representing ten people, because it's easy, but not every one will take that time.
  • Faxes, especially on letterhead, are viewed as representing an organization, one-hundred people or more.

PASTORS AND CLERGY!!! You vote has even more impact because it is believed that YOU have the power to sway your congregation's opinions. Your letters and signing of the petition is worth more than others'. PLEASE let yourself be heard. If nothing else please sign the Pastor/Clergy petitions. http://stopab775now.com/signpastorpetition.html   

VERY IMPORTANT: It is a waste of our efforts to call any legislator other than Senators on the Senate Committee on Health right now. If a bill is not soon coming before a Senator either through committee or floor vote, he/she is not interested in hearing from you. The only exception to this is if you have a strong, positive relationship with the Senator who represents your district, and you want to alert that person that you are fighting this bill and are looking forward to his/her support.

HERE you will find the contact information for the Senators on the Senate Committee on  Health. You will find Talking Points on the home page of our website, http://stopab775now.com

We will send out updates throughout the week as needed until the time the committee meets. Email us with your questions so we can know what points need clarification. Keep an eye on Facebook and the website as well.

Stay strong, and trust the LORD. The battle belongs to Him!

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