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URGENT Next Steps to STOP AB-775

AB 775 which would require pro-life Christian pregnancy clinics to refer for government funding for abortion and family planning services is now going to the Assembly.  

Urgent California Alert: Call Your Assembly Member Now to Protect Pregnancy Care Centers

Let’s stop this attack on those who are trying to save lives!

Here is a website for updates on this bill: http://stopab775now.com/

And a facebook page with regular updates: https://www.facebook.com/ab775info

We told you about AB 775 last month; the terrible bill that will harm crisis pregnancy centers has continued to advance. It passed the Assembly Health Committee on April 14 and passed Assembly Judiciary on April 28. Now the bill has been amended so it can bypass its fiscal committee and move straight to the Assembly floor!

Action: Please contact your assembly member and ask him or her to oppose AB 775. Find your Assembly Member here. Click on the legislator’s name to visit his or her website. The “Contact Us” link will take you to office phone and fax numbers and webmail.

Pray that our members of the Assembly will understand that these centers are helping women in difficult situations at NO cost to taxpayers, and we should help, not harm, their efforts.

AB 775 is an attack on the free speech rights of crisis pregnancy centers (CPC’s). The bill is authored by Assembly Members David Chiu (D-San Francisco) and Autumn Burke (D-Inglewood) and requires licensed pro-life pregnancy resource and care centers with a medical provider on staff to provide notices about free or low-cost access to abortion, essentially advertising for abortion. Centers that are not licensed and do not have a medical provider must post signs “warning” that they are not medical facilities as people walk through the door. In addition, they must include that notice in all their advertising material and the font used, according to an amendment May 4, must be bold, a different color or larger in order to make the notice “clear and conspicuous.”

Noncompliance means that these underfunded charities must pay hefty financial penalties ($500 to $1,000 per violation) if they refuse to follow these absurd and unnecessary regulations.

CPC's, who already struggle to stay afloat, quite literally rescue women and babies from the claws of death and despair. These centers are typically volunteer-run, donation-based, life-embracing charities that will now have to promote state-assisted abortion or pay bundles out of their shallow budgets if they don't comply. Please help us make sure that doesn't happen.

Additional Facts for Supporters

This bill is sponsored by NARAL Pro-Choice, Black Women for Wellness, National Abortion Federation, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, and others (see bill analysis).

AB-775 requires licensed medical clinics (often known as Pregnancy Medical Clinics) that provide alternatives to abortion services to provide to clients on site the following notice:

"California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services, including all FDA approved methods of contraception, prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social services office at _________."


Please fax a letter to your Assembly Member (link above)

Here are some Talking Point Options for opposition letters from Clients:

  1. When I went to (PMC name), I received the information I needed to make an informed decision about my pregnancy options.
  2. At (PMC name), I received a referral for local OB/Gyns and community resources for continued productive health care at my first visit.
  3. When I went to Planned Parenthood, they made me feel that abortion was my only option. But I felt respected at (PMC name) and they helped me look at all my options.
  4. At (PMC name), I received a verification of a positive pregnancy test at my first appointment.
  5. At (PMC name), I got the help I needed quickly so I could make the choice that was right for me.
  6. I did not want to go to an abortion provider to discuss my pregnancy options because I do not trust them to be objective.
  7. When I needed a verification of positive pregnancy test to qualify for Medi-Cal, I received it immediately at (PMC name).
  8. (PMC Name) got me in to see a doctor within days.

NOTE if you do not have a fax machine, email your letter to CEO@SCVPC.ORG.

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