California Legislature Making Abortion Easier

Legislators attempting to make abortion less safe for women while rest of nation works to make abortion safer for women.

By Jeff Bennett

CA State Flag.jpg

After failure by republicans to gain seats in the California Legislature, that state has a "super majority" democratic leadership. Little can be done, but watch with horror as democrats push their agenda of pro-abortion and anti-family legislation. While states across the country are tightening restrictions on abortion and abortion clinics, the California Legislators are passing potentially dangerous rulings that could make abortion significantly less safe for women. The latest bill, AB145, is a measure that would allow non-physicians to perform abortions. As if abortion was not easy enough to obtain in California, where an estimated 23% of the 1.2 million abortions are performed each year, this bill would make it even more accessible.

The concern is, that as goes California, so goes the nation. Some also say that this may also be a precursor to the advancement of Obamacare in this country. (One News Now) Given the large number of states that are passing stringent safety regulations on abortionists and abortion clinics, it may be hard to imagine this being true. Nevertheless the California legislation is quite likely to pass allowing that state to continue to be the leader in abortion on demand for some time to come.