Going Out of Business

Latest Report Shows the Growing Trend of Abortion Businesses Closing Their Doors

A recent report from the Guttmacher Institute (originally founded as the research arm of Planned Parenthood) shows that the number of abortionists has  dropped by over 40% to just 1,720 in 2011. This shows a significant drop from an all time high of 2,908 in 1985. Fewer abortionists means fewer abortions. A recent report supports this, indicating that abortions are at the lowest point since 1973.

Fortunately, doctors who would do abortions are also dwindling in numbers. This is causing changes in the abortion industry such as soliciting young doctors coming out of med school, using nurses instead of doctors to perform abortions (as in California) and using "telemed" abortions.

In an attempt to increase student interest and participation, pro-abortion groups like Medical Students for Choice were launched. Although MSFC is an international group, their success has been impacted here in the US because there are more doctors leaving the abortion industry and there is a higher percentage of pro-life people in the US than in the past.

California is the largest abortion state in the United States. Yet even they are being impacted by a lack of doctors willing to take human life. In California, in an attempt to combat this issue, nurses and non-medical personnel can now legally perform abortions. This practice will create new dangers for women seeking to terminate their pregnancy in an industry already loosely governed by laws that are in place to protect women from medical malpractice.

In more and more states due of the number of closed abortion clinics, abortions are being done over the internet. Called telemedicine, abortions are directed over the internet by a physician miles away, often in another state; and many of them are done as self administered treatments.

The reports and statistics showing lower abortion rates and fewer abortionists is very good news in deed, however we will still see close to 1 MILLION abortions again this year in the United States in spite of tougher regulations in many states and the fact that there are fewer medical 'professionals' to perform them.