Abortion providers finding it hard to get admitting-privileges

States add new laws require admitting privileges that abortion doctors can get. 

 “Admitting privilege is the right of a doctor, by virtue of membership as a hospital's medical staff, to admit patients to a particular hospital or medical center for providing specific diagnostic or therapeutic services to such patient in that hospital. Each hospital maintains a list of health care providers who have admitting privileges in that hospital. Admitting privileges granted to a non physician is limited to treatment of patient independently, and admission of such a patient to hospital requires a physician’s order. Admitting privileges of some physicians are limited to consultative services only.” (USLegal.com)

When a doctor has admitting privileges it means that he can use the hospital facilities to care for patients. In many cases when you see a doctor at your local hospital, they are acting as an ‘independent contractor’ and are not actually on paid staff at the hospital. This can be true even of ER doctors. (Lawyers.com)

For the safety of women, many states have begun requiring admitting privileges of the doctor who is providing abortions to a local hospital in order to provide continued care in incidences where problems arise during or after a termination that would require admission to a local hospital. So, herein lays the problem for abortionists who desire to obtain admitting privileges at hospitals near their clinics. Many abortion providers are finding this very difficult because: (The Washington Post)

1)       They do not live near enough to the hospital to be available to provide urgent care for their patient. Many hospitals require a doctor to live within a given distance to their hospital.

2)       Many do not even live within the state that they are practicing in. Some doctors cover more than one clinic in more than one state and even fly in to perform abortions and then return home at the end of their day.

3)       Many hospitals don’t want to be affiliated with a doctor that performs abortions because: they don’t want to receive the political backlash, or they don’t want to have the public stigma, or the hospital is a religiously affiliated hospital (usually Catholic) which refuses to provide the ‘privilege’ for obvious religious reasons.

As more and more states require what most people would consider a very sensible law, it is causing more and more clinics to close their doors. This in turn has begun a legal battle in states such as Texas where many of their abortion clinics have closed because of some of above reasons.

It would interest many of our readers to know that pregnancy resource centers such as ours, that have clinic licenses and operate under the license of a physician, are required to have admitting privileges, even though we don’t offer surgical treatment. Yet, in many cases abortionists are not required to have such privileges while performing in some cases, hundreds of surgical abortions each week.