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Clinic adds STD Testing to Medical Services

Pregnancy Center will roll out their new STD Program and begin testing, and where necessary treating, their patients for possible STDs. This will add a vital new process in assisting women who are considering abortions and those at risk of infecting their partners. Dangers arise for patients who have certain STDs like Chlamydia if they are intending to terminate their pregnancy. Abortion procedures on patients with such infections can cause pelvic inflammatory disease which can become septic and fatal. The addition of this procedure will also slow women further slow women in their process in order that they are secure in their decision. Services will also extend to the patient's partner as well providing further compassionate and Christ honoring care to them as well.

City of Santa Clarita recognizes "Person of Kindness and Character" Jan Volbeda


Jan has great compassion for people and has been faithful to volunteer her time here at the Center to help pregnant women in need. She teaches our Life Skills Class providing much needed pregnancy education to our girls who choose to keep their babies. The Life Skills Program equips first time moms to understand pre-natal development, her own physical changes during pregnancy, labor and deliver and early infant care. She teaches with a grace and wisdom that empowers these young women as they move forward into a new chapter of life. Her passion and heart to help others motivates her vigor in serving the community in such a way and works behind the scenes with little recognition. Jan continues to press forward, even on those days she prepares for an empty classroom. She is faithful to return the next week until those who are in need do come. As a mother herself, she is able to share that mother's heart with the new-mommies-to-be. We have seen many mothers share gratitude for her service after they hold their little one in their arms and feel better prepared for what lies ahead.