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NEW for 2015!

This year's theme is LIFE CONNECTED and we've come up with some ways to experience the Family Fun.

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What if I can't walk 2 miles with a large crowd?

We are happy to announce that this year we have an adaptive Fun Walk!
It is a short walk specifically designed for individuals with physical and/or developmental disabilities, young children, and seniors. The Fun Walk happens at the same time as the general Walk so you and your family can still participate in all the opening activities.

Want to win $$ prizes and the chance to have YOUR ART be the 2016 WALK FOR LIFE brochure and poster art? Click below for more information or to participate. OR call the Center at (661) 255-0084 and ask for EVENTS. (Attendance at the October 10th Walk is required to win)

This year we will be having a Bake Sale with proceeds going to help support the Center and its programs. To see how you can participate, Contact Us or call 661-255-0084 (Events).

Like what you see? Registration NOW!

NOTE: All Walk AND Fun Walk Participants must Register to Walk.

Pledge Form

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